Wine Club Italia

Exclusive & Fine

Our wine club was created with the intention to help you get to know our beloved Italy, famous all over the world for our ancient history, our culture, our art and our food,  through this divine nectar we call “vino”!

Our job is quite demanding and complex in regards to all the fundamental factors linked to man and the terroir which are involved in making a bottle of good wine:

-The terroir is a particular zone where natural, physical and chemical conditions allow the making of a specific wine which is identifiable through the unique characteristics of its own territoriality because of the interaction of various factors such as the terrain, sun exposure of the ground, climate and man (vine grower or winemaker).

-The job of the winemaker and their honesty in “making” the wine includes their ability to know how to communicate using this fantastic nectar, their infinite love for the vineyards that allow them to work in the middle of the nature letting us taste their emotions which are expressed through a good glass of wine.

Our passion for wine brings you happiness, desire to be amongst friends, possibility to taste new flavors, experiment new ideas such as pairing wine with food or even vertical wine tasting to help us understand the differences between different vintages of the same wine. We will have the pleasure to show you and take you close to the vineyards and wineries of those who work with nature every day, respecting it and obtaining in return the satisfaction of producing this red or white nectar which we cherish.

Every three months of the year we will propose to you the possibility to try different wines which come from various regions of Italy, from North to South from East to West.

Become a member today and have the opportunity to take part in the grape harvest and visit the places where the magic happens, where water is transformed into wine.

Have amazing discounts on wines and wine tasting events along with many more offers…. see below for some of our benefits:

Membership benefits

a) At list 20% off when you buy our wine during our wine tasting or from the Piccola Cellar website from 30th of May 2015.

b) Wine Tasting :

20% off if you buy the ticket at least 7 days before the event if the ticket is purchased on the Piccola Cellar Ltd ( website  ; 10% off all our classic wine tasting tickets if you buy it directly at the venue where the event will be held. ;

c) Special Wine Tasting

20% off if you book it 15 days before the event “Our Vertical Wine Tasting” or “Horizontal Wine Tasting” pairing with Italian cheese or Italian canapies. 

e.i. Vertical  Wine Tasting  is :  the same wine producers for: – Barolo  vintage :2010,2008,2006,2004,2002,1998

e.i. Horizontal  Wine Tasting  is : 5 Different  wine producers for:  – Barolo vintage 2010 .

d)An free private wine tasting at your house with your friends.


e)Free Consultation when  would like to pairing Piccola Cellar Italian wine with any food.

f) Free Consultation if you would like to do a wine tour around Italy, helping you design your custom made trip to visit some of the best wineries in Italy, including advice on where to stay and travel arrangements with the best prices and the best quality guaranteed.

“Wine Producers” Benefits

Enjoy exclusive offers on our wine producers’ holiday accommodation throughout Italy, including discounts off beautiful rustic farm houses and 5 star RESORTS located at the wineries themselves. Some of these wineries also have Michelin star restaurants where you can experience food and wine pairing, plus guided visits to the wineries themselves and the chance to take part in the wine harvest (seasonal).


Get free delivery in Greater Manchester on orders of a minimum of 2 cases of wine , (each case of 6 must contain the same wine, Normal delivery charges aplly for orders of a minimum of 6 bottles ) from various regions of Italy every quarter from the Piccola Cellar website  by  30th of May 2015 and you will be entitled to our Membership benefits  or Spend minimum £ 90 until 18th November 2015  ( normal price £ 139.00, 12 bottles each case of 6 must contain the same wine)  on your first purchase or choose our “Sommelier’s choice” mixed box of 12 bottles for 125.99 until 18th November 2015  (normal price £169.00 ,including at least one  bottle of Amarone 2008, awarded 90 points by Robert Parker, world’s most influential wine critic or  one bottle of Primitivo Riserva 2010 winner of various European wine awards or one bottle of Vegro Riserva 2012 awarded one of best Italian red wines by Italian Association of Sommeliers ) and enjoy “Our Wine Producers” Benefits.

From 23rd October until the 16th November  you can start to order your wine. We will deliver it to your door free of charge, from 10th until 18th November if you live in Greater Manchester.

Discover what Wine Club Italia has to offer and join us on our fantastic journey.

Happy wine tasting to all!

Piccola Cellar Team